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Training Solutions

People4u helps organizations maximize their staff investments through technical skill enhancements and professional development courses. Training can be conducted at the company’s dedicated facilities here in the Philippines or can be done right at the client’s office. People4u always upgrades the skills of its labor force so they can keep a competitive edge in the modern market.

what we offer

  • We train our people so they are up to speed with the latest in cloud computing solutions. We make sure they are proficient in the following services and technologies.
  • Salesforce is a cloud-based platform that provides customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. It is designed to help businesses sell, service, market, analyze, and connect with their customers.
  • Salesforce has everything you need to run your business from anywhere. Companies use it to manage their relationship with prospects and customers, while employees use it to collaborate and store data in the cloud.


ServiceNow is a leading IT Service Management (ITSM) tool used in different company departments, including human resources, finance, marketing, facilities management, and field operations. It drives efficiency and productivity by automating and optimizing processes.

This Software as a Service (SaaS) is capable of meeting the strenuous demands of the different sections within a company. It gives businesses a clear understanding of what needs to be done and the means to do it.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that allows its users to store data and build and connect applications in the cloud. It is similar to using a local server, except there is no on-premise hardware to manage or even think about. This platform helps businesses benefit from the scalability and agility of cloud computing. They get all the services they need to get things done without having to buy and manage all the infrastructure. Microsoft Azure also enhances and extends local computing resources, often without the need for extensive coding to make the connection.


People4u has dedicated amenities, tools, and personnel for training people. This reflects how much the company values the professional development of its employees. 

People4u believes the best way to serve clients is to give them people who have relevant and updated skills, all the time.

professional development and technical courses

  • People4u offers training solutions that come in two segments. We have Professional Development Courses that are aimed at developing business communication and customer service abilities. We also have Technical Courses that seek to build up Salesforce proficiencies.
  • All of our programs are designed to help IT and business professionals reach the competence levels required by the best and largest employers here and abroad. Our mission is to mold everyone we train into “Complete Consultants” – informed, confident, and empowered individuals with skills that will always be in demand.
  • We are committed to making this an engaging experience for our trainees. We train not just to offer instruction, but also to inspire people, challenge them to think critically and bring out their unique potential. We give them expert advice and full access to our resources.
  • Our rates are the most affordable in the market. We offer corporate packages and early-bird discounts. We even give fee waivers to experienced IT professionals. Yes, we give free end-to-end Salesforce training to qualified senior-level developers – no strings attached!
  • Not many training centers can boast of a stellar passing rate in Salesforce certification exams. We can. Our top-notch CoE mentors keep an outstanding pass rate average of +95%!

We can conduct the training onsite in clients’ offices, or offsite in People4u facilities.

We can tell you now what you’ll be missing out on if you don’t enlist in our program. But why not see for yourself?

Join our FREE, NO-OBLIGATION free trial communications class! Everyone is welcome!

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