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Staffing Solutions

People4u provides end-to-end staffing solutions. It continuously acquires, deploys, and retains talent, to ensure its clients have the ability and flexibility to fill skills needs and gaps within their organization. People4u enables businesses to broaden their capabilities in performing IT and BPO functions, by augmenting their internal competencies with external expertise. These professionals are available for short-term and long-term engagement, and may be deployed onsite or offshore, depending on the needs of clients.

People4u’s Staffing Services have three main components, namely, Shortlisting, Client Assessment, and Engagement. Each is a set of chores that are, as any employer knows, important but tedious. When you use our services, you get all of these tasks done and all the results vetted without utilizing your own manpower. Your people can keep doing what they are supposed to be doing, because our people will do everything else for you. You save time and money. And you get exactly what you need – professionals who are right for the job.

how it works

1. We select candidates.

We maintain an internal pool of talents whose skills are much in demand. But we also keep a recruitment database of specialists or those with uncommon, unique, or hard-to-find skills. Those who possess the minimum qualifications are given written tests, and then those who get the highest test scores are screened further by our human resource experts. Only those whose skills and experience match your requirements are selected as candidates.

2. You pick the ones you like.

The candidates are formally endorsed. We set an interview at a time that is most convenient to you and using a format that you prefer. You meet them and assess each one yourself. You then give us your feedback, and tell us whether you have found what you need. If you have not, we will present a new set of candidates.

3. We suit them up.

Once you have made your choices, we will conduct a reference check. We will contact their previous employers to learn more about their employment history, and any other detail that may be important to you. The selected candidates are given a formal job offer. The onboarding process starts soon after they accept. They are then formally engaged and begin to work on your project.

What we offer

Flexible Engagement Model

We have one of the most flexible engagement models in the industry. We go the extra mile to accommodate our clients, and make sure they get what they need, exactly how they want it, when they want it.

Onsite/Offshore Deployment

All of our professionals are available for onsite and offshore deployment. They will work on your project where you want them to.

Single-Resource To Full-Team Hiring

You can hire a lone specialist or take an entire team. Whatever your needs are, we will give you our undivided attention and our utmost efforts.

Reasonable Cost Structure

Right off the bat, we will match the price of any competitor. And then, we can start to negotiate. We provide high-quality services at prices that are within our clients’ budget.

Account Management

We understand that you have your own clients, too. We can help you manage and further your relationships with them, because what’s important to you is important to us as well.

What sets us apart

  • Capability and Experience

The caliber of talent that we provide is among the highest that you will find in this market. Our professionals, all English speakers, are skilled, hardworking, and educated.

  • Skilled Recruitment and Staffing Team

Our recruitment team is devoted to finding quality talents. We tirelessly comb through stacks of job applications and find creative ways to attract the best and the brightest.

  • Leverage on Existing Pool and Expertise

Even as we are relentless in our recruitment, we still keep a pool of professionals who are ready for quick deployment. They are in this spot because they possess the most in-demand skills in the market today.

  • Successful Client Engagements

We have a long list of happy, satisfied customers. We take pride in providing good customer care and in knowing that we are truly helping our clients.

  • Staff Support

Just as we take care of our clients, we also ensure that our own people are happy. We look after their well-being by giving them healthcare coverage and a nourishing work environment. 

  • Performance/Retention Incentive Programs

We want our employees to stay with us. This is why we offer them generous incentives and encourage them to participate in our many team-building activities. We make them feel they are valued, because that is what they are.