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People4u is a Salesforce Silver Partner. We help transform organizations by applying digital technologies that impact all aspects of business, making them more agile and efficient. This offering complements our staffing and offshoring support services, and establishes our company truly as a one-stop shop for IT outsourcing.

At its core what drives our consulting practice is our passion for Customer Success. Our efforts are focused on ensuring customers achieve their desired outcome, taking into account every touchpoint and expectation to better understand the customer experience.

why it matters

Digital transformation is no longer an option businesses can choose to ignore. It has become mandatory for success, the key that will open the door to the future. It is not enough to simply enhance traditional ways of doing things. To stay relevant and profitable, companies must make the digital shift and they must start doing it now.

We see ourselves not just as a qualified provider of services but a reliable partner of companies in their digital transformation journey. Our goal is to lead them into a new era that is full of promise, one where sales cycles are swift, profits are high, upsell opportunities abound, and customers are acquired and retained consistently and with ease.

What we offer


process gap analysis

An assessment conducted to determine whether current resources are allocated and utilized optimally. The actual and the desired performance of a company’s information systems are compared and analyzed.

Solution Architecture

The functional requirements created by the road map are translated into defined processes that provide precise solutions to problems, in accordance with industry standards and best practices.

CRM Consulting and road mapping

CRM goals are identified, along with the obstacles that hinder a company from achieving them. A plan is devised to plot the course the company must take in order to get to its target destination.

Training and Enablement Workshops

Stakeholders learn how to use software applications through interactive training activities. They will be shown everything they need to know to effectively perform their tasks.

End-to-end CRM Implementation

All bases are covered, from discovery, project planning to system design to deployment, testing, training and support. Every implementation is managed by our dedicated project teams where customer needs are captured, reviewed, and implemented.

Quick Implementation

These are fixed scope implementations that are designed to be completed in a short amount of time. Projects are typically aligned to leverage out-of-the-box features of the CRM to ensure minimal configuration and accelerate time-to-value.

Enterprise Integrations

Organizations typically would use several applications, most of which are disconnected from each other right out of the box. Integrating these applications can help organizations achieve better operational consistency, efficiency, and data quality.

Implementation and Integration

System Management
and Support

System Administration

IT systems are monitored by experts who see to it that all components are running well. The task involves resource allocation, user account management, light scripting, and incident preparedness.

Application Maintenance

Corrective, preventive, and adaptive maintenance of software applications ensure their optimal operation. This also includes the versioning and upgrades of the application throughout its life cycle.

Ongoing Enhancements

Systems are expanded and features are either added or removed to keep pace with evolving business requirements. Recoding may be done to improve performance and maintainability.

Data Management

The collection, validation, storage, and processing of data are carried out in an efficient manner. When properly managed, data can be interpreted to make smarter business decisions.

What sets us apart

  • Our consulting services is the result of the collaborative work of our different business units. Our Sales, Marketing, Training, and Support groups team up to devise a tactical, comprehensive approach in meeting our clients pre- and post-implementation needs.
  • We have in place a guided self-deployment process aimed at accelerating CRM rollout. We provide end-to-end partner support, from enablement to deployment to maintenance.
  • On deck we have a big crew of certified professionals, ready to be tapped any time to help address any type of challenge. We continuously hone home-grown talents through our in-house training program.
  • Working with companies of all sizes and from different industries have given us extensive knowledge and experience. We are able to pinpoint obstacles and draw a clear road map towards a specified business goal.