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Managed Enterprise Services

People4u assists foreign companies establish operations in the Philippines. It helps clients reduce costs, gain access to a highly skilled workforce, and increase time to market. People4u also provides a progressive path which small ventures can take to gradually scale up operations. People4u’s service offerings are built upon the convergence of the three essential elements of business — people, processes, and tools.

what it means

People4u’s Managed Enterprise Services represent one of the cores of our business. Our services consist of four sections: Recruitment, Office Space, Human Resources, and Purchasing. While each is a separate and comprehensive service in itself, it is also an integral part of the whole. Each part complements the rest. When taken together, they allow our clients to run their offshore business operations smoothly and profitably. 


Recruitment involves sourcing, test administration, and screening tasks. All of these processes are aimed at finding, evaluating, and engaging professionals who possess skills our clients require.

Our prices are based on a fee-per-hire standard. All costs incurred in the recruitment of each talent are factored in when we bill our clients. This is not based on the number of applicants processed, but on the number of hires.

We provide premium office spaces. Clients may acquire a dedicated space which they can occupy and use exclusively, or they may opt to share an office with other companies.

Our offices are fully equipped with modern voice and data transmission systems. We will provide all your networking and telecommunication needs.

Our building has surveillance cameras, roving security personnel, and door access control systems. Security is of utmost importance to us.

Our clients pay fee-per-seat rates. Their outlay is based on the number of seats they purchase.

Office Space


We make purchases in behalf of our clients. We buy laptops and other equipment that are needed to complete the project.

Pricing is at cost. We do not profit from our services. Recruitment marketing expenditures are also charged to the customer’s account in the same manner.

Our human resource services are comprehensive. We have a built-in system for handling our clients’ payroll processing needs. At the same time, we perform benefits management tasks.

We have programs for supplementing our employees’ compensation. We make sure our clients adhere to local laws and business regulations. Our regulatory compliance team sees to it that everything conforms to the rules.

To enhance interpersonal relations and foster collaboration among employees, we regularly conduct company-wide team-building activities. This is also helpful in setting goals and learning how to work as a team.

We charge a management fee on top of the costs.


What we offer


Project Assessment and Planning

We will sit down with you to discuss your goal and map out a route towards that objective. We never let our clients dive into a project without first knowing how to mitigate the risks. When you do begin your operations with us, you already know how to come out on top.

Build and Operate

Once all plans are laid out we will set up and run your operation for you. We will supply all the assets and resources that you want, and provide all the support that you need. You will retain full operational control as you assign tasks and steer your team in the right direction.


Transfer Operations

Should you decide to take over and establish a business entity in the Philippines, we will help you secure all the necessary licenses and permits. If you wish you can also purchase all the existing assets of the operation.

Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support after the transfer. Our clients find this useful as this gives them more time to find their feet and adjust to the new environment.


What sets us apart

  • We show our clients the rapid path to cost-effective offshore operations in the Philippines.
  • We give our customers access to a highly skilled workforce.
  • We have a stable and growing economy and a business sector that enjoys strong government support.