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IT Service Management

People4u carries out onsite and remote monitoring, as well as management and support of its clients’ application and IT infrastructure. This service is designed to ensure seamless operation with the client organization.

The People4u Service Operations Center (SOC) provides 24/7 infrastructure and application monitoring and management services. We address technology issues and enable clients to align their IT processes with their business priorities. This includes consulting services for design service models, managing operations, configuring and integrating IT Service Management tools, and continual improvement of service plans. 


What's in it

We help businesses manage and improve the way they use information technology. We ensure they have the right people, processes, and tools in place, so they can lower costs, serve their customers better, and meet their business goals.

Our service menu consists of a wide array of solutions for your infrastructure, database, middleware, and application requirements. Popular ITSM frameworks are employed to address technology issues and align IT processes with business priorities.

What we offer

Remote Management

We manage and monitor our clients’ IT infrastructure and processes remotely, as well as respond to and fix their IT issues. We also help in planning for future changes based on emerging technologies.

Regular Client Touchpoint

We are constantly in touch with our clients. We provide regular reports on incident summary, SLA compliance, and other matters that are important to them.

Skills and Capabilities

Our support services encompass the entirety of our clients’ IT activities. We perform alert monitoring, application deployment, incident management, and many other tasks. We also do email, database, and SharePoint administration.

What sets us apart

  • Professional approach

We pride ourselves in our ability to improve customer satisfaction through our professional approach on service delivery. We set high standards and we stick to them. 

  • Use of proven best practices

A big part of those standards is the use of ITSM best practices. This allows us to provide high-quality IT services, which in turn help our customers improve their productivity.

  • Flexible service provision

We customize our services to align them with our clients’ business perspective. What is important to us is that we are able to meet the needs of our customers.