People4u parent company Yumeshin Holdings named Salesforce Partner

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TOKYO, Japan – Yumeshin Holdings Co. Ltd., a Japanese holding company mainly engaged in construction engineer dispatch and IT staffing, announced that it has been named the newest Salesforce Consulting Partner in Japan.

As Registered Partner, Yumeshin is certified by Salesforce to implement and manage its CRM platform and work with clients to improve employee productivity, strengthen team collaboration, and increase sales and customer loyalty.

Yumeshin affirmed its commitment to help accelerate the growth of the Salesforce ecosystem in Japan, which is recognized as the largest Salesforce economy outside the US. Salesforce Japan is deemed to be a region in its own right and considered separate from the APAC regional grouping.

Salesforce arrived in Japan in 2000, and has since expanded its presence.

Yumeshin said it intends to reinforce the Salesforce “Ohana” culture of providing a deep-seated support system for customers, partners, communities, and employees to continue to build trust and customer adoption while providing excellent services.

In addition to its subsidiaries in Japan, Yumeshin operates businesses in Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, Russia, and the Philippines. Yumeshin owns a majority stake in the Philippine tech firm People4u, which is itself a Salesforce Partner.

Yumeshin is positioning People4u as a global delivery center that will service its Japanese clients, as it expects more international business to flow into its Philippine subsidiary.

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