People4u Now a Salesforce Silver Partner

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MANILA, Philippines – People4u has been named Silver Consulting Partner for Salesforce following an evaluation of company performance based on expertise, sales performance, and customer satisfaction targets. The recognition came for People4u amidst successful efforts to expand its consulting practice and grow the client base.

People4u CEO Jay de Claro said his company is “fully invested” in moving up the Salesforce partner ecosystem. “Since last year when we achieved Registered Partner status, we have remained focused on living up to the high standards that we set for ourselves – as the Complete Salesforce Partner.”

“This is why we are continuously building our capabilities to deliver innovative, world-class solutions consistently,” de Claro added. “It energizes us even more that Salesforce has given us their affirmation.”

The Manila-based consulting firm has managed to advance to Silver Partner level after only 18 months, working with leading companies in industries like health care, manufacturing, business services, and distribution. The country’s biggest maker of prescription, consumer wellness, and personal care brands has become one of its anchor clients.

 “It’s certainly a big milestone for us,” said People4u VP for Professional Services Carlo Encinas. “We attribute this swift acceleration to our growing number of consultants as well as to our close collaboration with Salesforce, which without a doubt boosts client acquisition.”

Founded in 2011, People4u offers consulting, staffing, and managed services solutions along with highly customizable offshoring support options. It has established itself as one of the most trusted suppliers of Salesforce talents in the Philippines even before its partnership application was approved.

The company is actively reinforcing Salesforce’s position in the Philippines, one of the fastest growing CRM markets in the region. It has set its sights not only on enterprise customers but also on SMB accounts which represent a vast uncaptured segment of this market.

With its readiness and momentum People4u is already aiming confidently for the next prize, projecting it will break the Gold Partner threshold in the coming months. There is every indication that it is right on the mark.

About People4u

People4u provides consulting solutions that help companies find, win, and keep customers using cloud-based CRM technologies. It shows clients how to focus their marketing efforts and generate more sales by creating great customer experiences. People4u is owned by Yumeshin Holdings of Japan.

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