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Partner for Customer Success

People4u is a reliable CRM partner for companies that want to transform and innovate digitally. We help businesses create customer success through technologies which make use of relevant data to solve customer issues, quickly and effectively.

People4u is the only Lightning – accredited Salesforce Partner in the Philippines.

who we are

People4u provides IT solutions that help companies find, win, and keep customers using cloud-based CRM technologies. It shows clients how to focus their marketing efforts and generate more sales by creating better customer experiences.

It has worked with businesses of different sizes and from various industries, including IT, Banking and Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Online Gaming, News and Publishing, Travel, Casino Hotels, and NGOs.

about yumeshin

People4u is owned by Yumeshin Holdings, a Tokyo-based listed corporation with 6,600 employees and ¥74 billion in market capitalization.

Yumeshin is one of the leading skilled manpower dispatch businesses in Japan. Since its inception in 1980, it has been involved in many prime construction projects in the country, including Shibuya Hikarie, Rainbow Bridge, Yokohama Landmark Tower, Abeno Harukasu, Tokyo Midtown, Yokohama International Stadium, Haneda Airport, and Roppongi Hills.

It hires over 2,000 engineers annually – the best recruitment rate in the industry. It currently has more than 4,000 active engineers in various projects. In addition to its subsidiaries in Japan, Yumeshin has offices in Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, Russia, and the Philippines.

Yumeshin is also known for its unequaled ability to effectively train its recruits. This allows the company to equip its staff with the exact skills needed in construction sites, and supply clients with the best talents.

what we do
We help our clients mitigate risk, reduce costs, and increase time to market

while gaining greater operational flexibility and better access to a highly skilled workforce.

Know what your customers want. Understand their needs. Respond to their requests instantly, and engage with them personally.


Set up shop in the Philippines on a fast-track mode, at a low-risk exposure, in a high-yield environment. Get prime space and highly qualified talents while lowering your costs.


We have trained professionals on the bench, at your disposal. Hire a lone specialist or get an entire workforce. Station them in your office or just supervise them from afar while they work in ours.


Multiply your returns on what you invest on your staff. Keep up with the technology and maintain that competitive edge. Remember, any type of expertise is fleeting – especially in this fast-paced industry.


Is the daily grind holding you back from doing what’s important? Let us keep an eye on your IT infrastructure. We will make sure it is running smoothly, and everything is on schedule.



Offshore your operations to the Philippines

  • Significantly Reduce Operational Expenses by as much as 65%
  • Improve Project Completion Times and Reduce Risks
  • Allows Companies to Focus on their Core Competencies and Business Values
  • Eliminate the need to Hire, Train, Retain, and Manage Technology Engineering Personnel

See for yourself. Try our ROI Calculator.



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