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People4u Perspective Newsletter

People4u Perspective Newsletter Issue No. 10: C...

People4u        November 17, 2017
It used to be that success in the manufacturing business depended mainly on improving efficiency and reducing waste as the primary means to increase profits and fuel growth. Not... Read More

People4u Perspective Newsletter Issue No. 9: Pe...

People4u        October 9, 2017
When research and advisory firm Gartner asked 3,160 CIOs from 98 countries what their top priorities are right now, the overwhelming majority of respondents gave the same answer: digital... Read More


What Drive Us

People4u        November 8, 2017
At People4u, all that’s important to us as a company rest on one thing alone: employee happiness. When employees come first, everything else follows: productivity, growth, satisfied customers. A... Read More

People4u’s Piratas Niños Halloween Party 2017

People4u        November 2, 2017
People4u held its annual Halloween Party last October 27, 2017 at 17th Floor Philamlife Tower. Employees and kids dressed up in scruffy pirate costumes and gathered for tricks, treats,... Read More

Do You Feel the Need for Speed? We Do.

People4u        October 30, 2017
People4u revs up its game with the addition of Playseat racing simulation cockpits in our gaming corner. We have set it up nicely here in our Makati headquarters for... Read More

People4u employees workout at work to blast fat...

People4u        October 2, 2017
We at People4u, encourage work-life balance and promote a healthy lifestyle in the workplace. Last September 29, 2017, employees learned basic kickboxing techniques and had some fun getting fit. Read More

People4u holds free financial wellness seminar ...

People4u        September 22, 2017
People4u, together with BDO Unibank, one of the country’s trusted banks, hosted a financial wellness seminar for its employees. The said seminar aimed to teach the employees how to... Read More

Blood Letting Activity 2017

People4u        September 12, 2017
People4u would like to thank all Heroes for donating blood to save lives. #People4uBloodlettingActivity2017 #People4u #BloodDonation #SaveALife Read More

Hittin on all Six!

People4u        August 31, 2017
People4u celebrated its sixth anniversary last August 18, 2017 at Tower Club, Makati. On 2011, People4u started operations to provide remote staffing and offshoring support services to foreign companies... Read More

Money Grows on Trees, After All

People4u        July 28, 2017
This is a quip commonly heard around our office, and it never gets old. Everybody is still quite amused by it. Who wouldn’t be? Imagine being able to make... Read More


Case Study: Managed Operations

People4u        September 20, 2017
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Case Study: KYC/AML Operations

People4u        September 12, 2017
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Case Study: IT Service Management

People4u        September 8, 2017
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Case Study: Offshoring Operations

People4u        June 14, 2017
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Case Study: Staffing Solutions

People4u        June 8, 2017
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